MucoMatrixX (Soft Tissue Graft)

MucoMatrixX® is a collagen tissue matrix derived of animal dermis that passes through a multistep cleaning process, which removes all potential tissue rejection components from the dermis. This results into a 3-dimensional stable matrix consisting of collagen and elastin. MucoMatrixX® supports revascularisation and fast soft tissue integration and is a valid alternative for patients own connective tissue. After placement, the patient‘s blood infiltrates the MucoMatrixX® graft through the three dimensional soft tissue network, bringing host cells to the soft tissue graft surface and starting the revascularization process. Significant revascularization can begin after implantation depending on the patient‘s healthy structure.




-dimensional stable matrix derived of animal dermis

-Resorption time approx. 6-12 months

-Rapid vascularization and integration

-Complete remodeling into patients own tissue

-Soft tissue replacement without palatal autograft harvesting

-Can be easily applied and fixed

-Can be cut to shape for specific procedures

-Thickness approx. 1.2-1.7mm


Indications: Implantology, periodontology, oral and maxillofacial surgery


-Soft tissue augementation

-Root coverage

-Tunnel technique

-Soft tissue grafting in combination with with GBR/GTR