Native collagen alveo cone

BoneProtect® Cone is both a resorbable native collagen wound dressing cone intended to assist the wound healing process, and a nature matrix providing the structure for new bone formation. The healing of an extraction socket following tooth removal is characterized by formation and maturation of a blood clot followed by infiltration of fibroblasts to replace the coagulum and finally establishment of a provisional matrix that allows new bone tissue formation in the´extraction socket. BoneProtect® Cone offers an easy, highly biocompatible and predictable socket preservation treatment concept.




- Resorption approximately 2-4 weeks

- Stabilization of blood clot and effective local haemostic agent

- Resorbable due to quick decomposition from enzymatic reactions

- Controlled wound healing process

- 3 dimensional matrix for tissue ingrowth

- Maintains integrity in the presence of blood and during application; easy to apply

Indications: Implantology, periodontology, oral and maxillofacial surgery


- Control and stop of bleeding in extractionsockets or biopsy sites

- Minor oral wounds

- Socket preservation

- Internal sinus lift

- Closure of grafted, extraction and biopsy sites