Collagen fleece - highly effective, resorbable soft tissue

BoneProtect® Fleece is a stable hemostatic material made from natural collagen. The hemostatic effect of collagen is well known and researched and is associated with the adhesion of platelets on the collagen fibrils. This in turn leads to platelet aggregation and the release of coagulation factors, which start the coagulation cascade and initiate hemostasis. BoneProtect® Fleece offers a barrier function for 2-4 weeks.




-Highly effective local hemostatic agent

-Highly adhesive in moist environments

-Resorbale due to quick decomposition from enzymathic reactions

-Easy to apply

-Stable in contact with blood


Indications: Implantology, periodontology, oral and maxillofacial surgery


-Augmentation cover

-Extraction alveolus

-Biopsy punch site