Natural bovine bone substitution material

CompactBone® B. is a highly reliable, extremly pure, natural bone substitution material made from bovine bone. The mineral composition, physical, chemical, and biological properties, and special hydrophilic surface closely resemble the characteristics of human bone. The uniquely safe high-temperature manufacturing process removes all organic components and prevents immune responses. CompactBone B. is 100% BSE-free and contains no proteins.




-No inflammatory immune system reactions

-Interconnecting pore system for quick revascularization

-Slow, delayed resorption with controlled integration due to new bone growth

-Hydrophilic surface, optimal cell and platelet adhesion

-Safe and sterile

-Easy handling


Indications: Implantology, periodontology, oral and maxillofacial surgery

-Sinus lift

-Vertical augmentation

-Horizontal augmentation

-Extraction socket

-Furacation defect

-Intraossary defect

-Perimplantary defect